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The Secret Legacy of Jesus and Mary Magdalene

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“Since the runaway success of the Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln’s 1982 controversial ‘ The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail’, there have been an inundation of hypothesis concerning the mystery figure of Mary Magdalene and her relationship to the man called Jesus. And rightly so.

Serious researchers, now entitled to scepticism regarding the origins of Christianity, are doing their own detective work to try and unravel exactly what did happen all those years ago in the Holy Land. Ariadne is one of those researchers whose well written and researched effort, persuasive in its argument, is sprinkled with her own investigative deduction and occasionally ‘otherworldly’ assistance. With a fine selection of colour plates with which she produces some original interpretation of events, she finally arrives at her own personal conclusion of events. Amidst many other  variant hypotheses currently out there (including my own), her book stands its ground and deserves a read from any serious student out there willing to consider all possibilities.”

-DAN GREEN, author, film maker, ‘The Murder of Mary Magdalene ‘

“Monumental! This book presents an entirely fresh and very different perspective on "The Quest for the Holy Grail". I was captivated and drawn into the history, story line, and inspiration that the author conveyed. Nothing short of amazing and "groundbreaking"; couldn't put it down.. A "must read" for all seekers of the truth.” Amazon Review

“We should not turn away from these words of love and hope, as they may not pass this way again in our time..” Sandra S. Gallimore, author of Chronicles of Jongleur.

A King is not a King without his equal complement the Queen

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Three women named Mary accompanied Jesus most days during his ministry offering support, respect and a constant reflection and reminder of the importance of the role of women to his mission.  The third Mary, Mary Magdalene, whom some have referred to as his ‘beloved disciple’, clung to his side, not as a grateful saved harlot from whom seven demons were cast out, nor as a mere humble follower, but as his Sacred Bride and Divine Complement to whom he was bonded in love and friendship. It is his story and her story woven together that form a new image and more authentic history of Jesus Christ, one that this book illuminates.

What was Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s true legacy? 

The body of Jesus’ wisdom teachings were redacted and corrupted by the architects of early Christianity.  But these authentic teachings survived and became the tenets of Valentinian Gnostics who disseminated them in secret and initiated disciples into a profound mystery—the mystery of the ‘bridal chamber’. 

Ariadne Green offers up the image of Jesus and Mary Magdalene as Divine Complements who married, had children and whose lives and mission together spanned over sixty years.  The book traces Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s journey from Judea and Galilee to the Nile Delta in Egypt, after an aborted crucifixion, and then onto Gaul and Great Britain as the carriers of the Grail.  The book reveals a secret identity for Jesus, one known by the Knights Templar and a group of Cistercian monks, who hid clues to a legacy of secrets in La Queste Del Saint Graal.  

Jesus Mary Joseph is available in paperback and  ebook formats on Amazon Kindle.