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Ariadne Green is a dream, soulmate and mythology expert and the author of Ariadne’s Book of Dreams, Warner Books, 2001, Divine Complement: The Spiritual Terrain of Soulmate Relationships, Palm Leaf Press, 2006, Divine Complements Forever, 2012 and Jesus Mary Joseph:  The Secret Legacy of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Ariadne holds a Masters degree in Educational Psychology from Cal State Hayward and completed two years of doctoral coursework in Consciousness Studies and Philosophy of Psychology at Saybrook Institute in San Francisco.  She studied under the mentorship of Stanley Krippner, world-renowned expert on the paranormal and dreams.

In addition to her books, Ariadne has written and published over one hundred articles on a variety of spiritual topics such as:  soulmates, mythology, dreams, self-help, Gnosticism, religion and Leonardo Da Vinci. Relevant publications include: The Mythos of Jesus and Mary Magdalene for New Age Journal and Religion and Spirituality.com and The Secret Saying of Jesus for Esolibris.com. Ariadne has also completed writing her first screenplay titled:  Gilead’s Dispensation, an adaptation of Jesus Mary Joseph.

Since 1987, Ariadne has traveled throughout Europe, Israel, Australia and the US teaching seminars on shamanic dreaming and promoting her books.  She hosted her own a radio show on the topic of dreams in Northern New Mexico and hosts a dream interpretation site.

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