Stellar Heart Meditation – Bridal Chamber Mystery


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Experience the mystery of the bridal chamber initiation. 

Excerpt from Jesus Mary Joseph on the subject of the stellar heart.

“As the entrance to the dimensions of the God self, what we ordinarily refer to as our spirit, our heart is our awakener to the consciousness of the light and represents a temple of unity and love. Not the heart we generally check to see whether it’s beating a steady rhythm but our Stellar Heart, the intricate and unique matrix center of our oversoul that hums harmonies and touches the consciousness of others. The Stellar Heart is best- conceptualized as a crystalline chamber resembling a radiant seven-pointed star. Like a bright star-cut diamond, it radiates and harmonizes light, a light that’s intelligent, creative and transforming. This intricate matrix exists as part of the sixth dimensional spirit body (light body) and therefore is beyond most perceptions of the un-awakened mind. Its higher intelligence and brilliance exceed the workings of the biological brain and ordinary thinking functions. Even those accomplished in traditional meditation techniques, such as transcendental meditation and Buddhist practices, may not yet have touched the deeper dimensions of the Stellar Heart to realize the inborn potentials of the signature codes contained within. However, through heart-centered meditation and repose we can touch many levels of this divine intelligence and experience beautiful rays of colored harmony that infuse the heart. This light of God will flood our hearts with love and permeate our consciousness, heightening our awareness of the love that is at our core. God’s light welcomes us into the Bridal Chamber, where it becomes an anointing fire of love that cleanses, purifies and transforms us at the deepest structure of our DNA.

The initiation within the crystalline chamber reveals mysterious dimensions of light where rays of colored harmonies initiate us into deep memory. The memory is really the imprinted legacy of our origins, and touching it represents a core realization. The rays of light arise from two sacred trinities imprinted as codes of light that are housed within the Bridal Chamber. The trinities of light are really two signatures. One unifies masculine and feminine intelligences, two unique polarities represented by two V’s; one is inverted, and together the two create a mysterious X. The other signature unites us with another—our twin flame and Divine Complement. The signature of twin-soul communion is represented as two horizontal V’s, ><, moving closer and closer together. The arcane symbol X expresses both unification codes in a single symbol: male and female, spirit in matter as well as the unification of twin flames, V’s on their sides facing each other to form another version of the ><. Both codes have dwelled within us since our creation and represent the root of our consciousness with God.”


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